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SARS is a registered society of the Newcastle University Student Union (NUSU), Newcastle University

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Researching for a Better, Brighter Future

The Sub-Saharan Africa Research Society aims to encourage, support and pursue research and development projects that can lead to sustainable growth and development in the sub-Saharan African region.

Welcome to the Sub-Saharan Africa Research Society

The sub-Saharan Africa Research Society (SARS), is a society based at Newcastle University that aims to bring together students who are actively interested in the area of research and development and who are willing to learn and apply skills in this area to propose solutions to problems affecting the sub-Saharan African region. In particular, we refer to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as a framework for identifying both the problems and possible solutions. Our society is therefore focused on addressing the following question: “how best can the sub-Saharan African region practically achieve long-term sustainable growth and development, with respect to the SDGs, in order solve many of the challenges affecting the region by 2050?”


To address this issue fully and to consider the full scope of each of the individual SDGs, we aim to include students and researchers from any academic discipline or background, where problems relevant to a particular academic discipline and relevant to at least one SDG, can be addressed and tackled. The society must, therefore, be as active as possible in engaging with students and aspiring researchers to ensure that this aim is met and that our long term vision is achieved.


Call for Papers

The society has officially released the call for papers for the 2nd Annual National SARS Conference, which will focus on clean energy and food.

Our Work

Our members are working on a range of different feasibility studies and explorartion projects that will be presented to members of the general public on completion.

Becoming a Member

For students and staff of Newcastle University, becoming a member is easy and anyone, from any discipline, is encouraged to get involved.

As a student-led research society we aim to remain very active in our work and in ensuring the continuous growth and development of our society. We will continue to offer new and exciting events and activities for both members and non-members, as well as presenting our latest findings. If you wish to keep updated on our developments, we invite you to sign up to our mailing list to receive our regular monthly newsletter, conference and seminar announcements and links to our newly released YouTube videos and blog articles.